This is cool. I just ordered a George Foreman grill from my points I've earned with Partner Printing. Wanted to pass on good feedback about this program. Thanks for offering this to your customers :-)


Thanks so much for your attentiveness and kindness to me...that is why we love working with Partner Printing. I really appreciate the information.

Stephen Troell

Thank You!  You Guys are Awesome!
Michelle Campbell
Graphic Artist

You guys Rock!
I just approved the pdf. Thanks for the amazingly fast turnaround on the prepress.


Just one more great reason to LOVE YOU GUYS at PARTNER PRINTING!  You just dropped off this order for my client and I’m earning major brownie points with the client for the quick turnaround.  The order looks terrific.

None of this is possible without teamwork – both on your end as well as ours.

Thanks again for your hard work and making me look so good out here.  Merry Christmas from Sumi and I and everyone here at OCMMP, Lake Forest.

Jim Blackburn

I think your operation is fabulous. And I have seen your company grow over time with sophistication and better service. You have some terrific people on staff that have been helpful, calm, professional and generous.

Happy Holidays!

Janice Gerson
Design Concepts

First, I want to thank you for running such a great print partner, your company truly is my printing partner.

Second, I appreciate all the support from the online customer service department.

Third, I want to talk about your on-time service. I have been in printing since 1972, and although that may make me sound really old, I started in my dad’s printing business at the age of 15.  I have used many printers across the U.S. and I have also worked for some very good printers.  Your projects look great and are always on time!

Here is where I appreciate Partner Printing.  As you may remember, I designed a catalog for a company out of Oceanside, CA. The company manufactures stamping tools for concrete texturing. I want you to know, my work helped them grow 291% in under 11 months. I told them I could double their company in six months.   At the end of my agreement with them, they summarily showed me the door.

In the end, I learned they had contacted you to re-run their catalog, since it was such a hit. As it turned out, you turned them down as they are not in the printing trade and you knew they were my customer.

May you have a great new year…  I will do my very best to be part of that.

Thank you and your entire company!
Refael Cabrera

Again I can’t thank you enough – your customer service is amazing.

Thank you,
Amer Kuric

Thank you very much… YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Tracy Dragoo

Your customer service is fantastic
and that is why I value your company as one of my best resources.

Jenn Grace

I just wanted to say thank you to all the customer service staff and the Techs. This is going on our 5th year with your company and whenever we have any issue it is handled very well. I appreciate all the great people working in your facility and the service i receive as a customer. We do really appreciate everything.

Marci Giambruno

Just a note to tell you how much we appreciate Partner Printing,
and the work you do.
I have been in the printing industry for 29 years - have had 11 print shops - and this is the first time I have had a non-press shop, with just copiers. Since I am not able to print (in the old sense on presses), I am totally thrilled with your service. We have customers who need 4 color brochures, flyers, postcards - and it is not something we can do in house. Since finding you, we have happily sold lots of 4color work. Your website is very user friendly, your support staff is helpful and friendly, and your product is very satisfactory.

I called today with a question, and once again, you were helpful and gave me an answer that makes my customer happy with me!What could be better?

Keep up the good work - Thanks!
Paula Johansen
Sonora Blueprint & Copy Co.

I am personally quite pleased with the quality, price and time frame. I invest a significant amount of my time and energy into producing these pieces, and it is rewarding to find a printer with a commitment to quality, capable of turning out a product that looks and feels the way I had envisioned. I have done numerous projects strictly on your standardized internet side of the site, and actually appreciate the interaction with real people on the other end. I have enjoyed working with you and your staff. You may be certain that we will be doing more work with you in the near future.

Thank you very much,
Rob Barber
Barber Communications

I want to thank the fine people at Partner Printing for a job well done. I recently sent my first job to you 5,000 4/4 tri-fold flyer. My customer supplied files that did not allow for bleed. I explained that there would be white showing on the edges and he was okay with that, so I authorized you to print as-is.

Much to my surprise, your talented employees were able to make it look great, with almost no white at all. On top of that, the job was delivered well ahead of my expectations. Most important, my customer is very happy and wants to do more work with me in the future.

Paul Yeadon

BTW, you guys have been great to work with. I haven't used 4-Over once since getting directed to your Website : ) and the local 4-color print shops can't compete with your prices and quality.

Keep up the good work!

Stan Eichwald

Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press

Thank you for checking this for me - I will continue to use your company because of the

excellent customer service.


Take care


THANKS SO MUCH......You guys are the BEST!


Kelly Skow

Just placed some more orders.

I love your new site.

Thank You

Jeff Lawton

Please pass on, to whoever is responsible, that your new web site is GREAT!


Thank you,



PS:  You always have quality products and great customer service!  We have tried another company in CA., and their quality and service made getting our job done a painful experience.  Thank you again.


I just entered an ordered with your new website and the proof is in the user experience. While I personally don't care for light colors, especially when it comes to text, this site is a great evolution from your previous sites. Intuitive, complete, professional.


I respect and appreciate the fact that you continue to move your marketing forward during these slow times, especially in the areas of the web interface to your order entry system and my account information.


Very well done.



Brad Bibey


Just wanted to send you guys a note on that double gate fold brochure for David Morris International……………..PHENOMENAL JOB!!!!!!!!  Thank you for making the fold lines PERFECT!!!!!!


Hey, Customer Service set me up w/ the split ship for the order. You have a great team down there. Much appreciated!!!



OH packages have been delivered. It's official... you are rock stars!!! Many thanks, and TGIF eh?  :)



As usual, your company has the best customer service of anyone I deal with!

Thank You Again!



I just received a project from Partner Printing which included a Presentation Folder, 4 staggered cut inserts, and business card. All of the tints and solid colors match from piece to piece! They look fabulous! Thank you  and your team for a great job!



Just recieved a set of Business cards.... They look great!!!!!



Tim Wolf

Thank you so much for your help with this. We appreciate it!


By the way…we just received our first order from your company and we are very impressed with the quality of work. We look forward to working with you on many of our larger color orders in the future!


Kleda Rae Kuehne

Dude You Guys Rock!

Guy Truitt


I just want to thank you for the great service your staff has been providing for me these past couple of months. I've ordered about 200 business card orders since June and if it wasn't for the staff that helped me out (Mary, Rochelle, and the one guy that sometimes answers the phone who does the tech stuff,, starts with an S, he's great btw) and your great website, I wouldn't be doing as well as I had thought business-wise! So I just wanted to email you and say what a great job you guys are doing and keep up the great work and customer service!


Mike Fernandez
Tank Prints LLC

Sara at Partner Printing answered my questions, and has earned our future business.  Thank you, Sara.


To all at Partner Printing....you have my unequivocal permission to distribute this email to anybody at any time.




Richard Moore




Business Connections, Inc.

You guys are awesome!  I can’t wait to place another order!

Cathy Lynch


I have been trying to win a couple of clients over the past two weeks.  I

would just like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to

Partner Printing and the two who have what seems like bent over backwards

allot of times for me. 

I know that I am just one of thousands that use Partner Printing and am one

of the smaller accounts for now, but Melissa and Tonya

are always willing to go the extra mile.  Their help, knowledge and

professionalism have saved me allot of stress.

So, again thank you so much for all that you do.  You guys are appreciated!

Tim Ives


The Graphic Consultants


Received this snippet email from one of our PIP centers in the Bay 

area.  Thought that you'd like a pat on the back.


"I also want to give you feed back about one of the vendors your 

office has recommended called "Partner Printing". We are very 

impressed with their service, pricing, quality and not to mention 

their website. We have assigned 2 projects to them and so far so 

good. I feel confident to go out and sell more sophisticated 

printing materials."



Great Job!!!


Best regards, John

We got the cards this morning and they look great. Thank you so much for your great customer service. We have yet to be disappointed by the great service offered by the reps at Partner Printing. Your work is appreciated by all of us here at Dynamic Press.

Have a great weekend!


Hey guys

thank you, thank you, to all of you....i can always depend on you guys for always keeping me in the loop, that's
why i use you....great job...its always nice to see how some, not all, big guys always look after the small jobs as they were big
and just as important - and we don't have to chase or call you where our job is...thanks again!!!

regards...john and the gang

Just wanted to say thank you very much.  I greatly appreciate your support.  This is the kind of partnership I'm looking for in a long-term relationship.  I will send over another job today.  Thanks again.

Best Regards,


Leslie Stevens